Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please Mister Governor!

Thank you for all of the work you have done for the citizens of the Utah. I truly believe that you are a Godsend. I am amazed at the results of your efforts. You have literally changed the world.

I have a request for one of your changes. Can you please do something about the statute of limitations of child molesters? One of the effects of being sexually abused as a child is that you take on the responsibility of the abuse as your own fault. Therefore, you don't tell anybody. Then when you get older, you realize that it was erroneous thinking and are ready to report the issue.

By that time, the statute of limitations prevents you from pressing charges. PLEASE do something about this issue. There are many adult victims who will help you to see the true tragedy of this error in our system.

My abuser only had charges placed against him for one of over 11 victims. He admitted in his parole hearing of this number. He will be released this February.

Please please please help the future children of Utah by doing something for the victims of the past!!!

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Single Payer Health Insurance in the USA

  • Incremental health care reforms in the United States have been ineffective and have yielded a steady increase in the number of Americans without health insurance. In addition to the 47 million Americans without insurance, millions more are underinsured. Virtually all other industrialized nations insure their entire populations. According to a recent study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, 75 million adults—42 percent of the under-65 population—had either no insurance or inadequate insurance in 2007, up from 35 percent in 2003 (Click here for the study)
  • Our lack of universal health insurance is costly – both financially ($7,129 annually per capita) and socially (22,000 unnecessary deaths each year due to uninsurance). Despite higher spending than any other nation (overall, per capita, and as a percentage of GDP), the U.S. is ranked 37th in health system performance among the 191 Member States of the World Health Organization.
  • Single payer health insurance is a system by which the health care expenditures of an entire population are paid for through one source – the Federal government or a subcontracting entity – using tax revenue from individuals and employers.
  • Distinctly different from socialized medicine, whereby the government owns and operates health care facilities, a “single payer system” is simply a financing mechanism. The government collects and allocates money for health care but has little to no involvement in the actual delivery of services. Care is provided privately at hospitals and clinics but paid for publicly.
  • Individuals are allowed to choose their providers, and physicians are either compensated on a fee-for-service basis or paid salaries by hospitals that receive an annual global budget or by nonprofit health maintenance organizations.
  • All medically necessary services are covered by the insurance, including primary care and prevention, prescription drugs, long term care, mental health, substance abuse treatment, dental services, and vision care.
  • Services are delivered based on need rather than on ability to pay. Coverage is uninterrupted and equal for everyone, thus ending the dependency of health care access upon employment status.
  • Single payer health insurance would save money by vastly reducing administration and paperwork and by giving the Federal government bargaining power to procure medications in bulk. Even more significant than the savings that a single payer system achieves are the universal coverage and comprehensive benefits it provides, thereby realizing the right of every person to quality health care.
  • Single payer health insurance has proven itself to be successful in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Taiwan, and the model exists here in the United States as well in the Medicare program – which holds administrative overhead to 3-4%.
  • The expansion of Medicare, as proposed in House Resolution 676, is the smoothest road toward universal coverage and the only way to achieve sustainable,
    cost-effective coverage for every American.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ozzy's quote

When I asked him if he thought my dad should get out of prison after he already broke a promise that he'd never do it again he answered, a promise is a promise or else it's not a true promise. - 5 yo Ozzy

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow. Wierd Day today MJ Dies

It's strange to think that today will go down in history as the day Michael Jackson died. I hadn't really thought about what it would be like when he died. It wasn't something that would come up in my mind.

Now that he's dead, I feel that there is a strange void in the universe. He represented that part of ourselves that are sensitive, naive and confused.

Poor Michael Jackson was so lonely. He never did get to live a healthy childhood, although he struggled to recreate one.

He was gifted in ways that no other human has compared. We will always refer to his Moonwalk and theatrical Thriller as historical pop icons of the 20th Century.