Wednesday, July 28, 2010

High Five! New York

Five things I learned while in New York this past week.

1. Coffee creamer is a commodity in NY. I had a couple of black coffee days.

2. New Yorkers must like to look at themselves in the mirror while going potty. Every time I used the commode, there was a mirror. What's up with that?

3. New Yorkers are NOT rude-- especially the shop-keepers. When I was sweating hot standing outside one souvenir shop, the shop owner demanded that I come in and sit on his stool. He then went to the back of his store and brought out a fan and sat it right next to me and turned it on full-blast! That is not the stereotypical "Rude New York" I was warned about.

4. Alone time is rare. I think you take for granted your personal space until you've been in a city like New York for a few days.

5. I (heart) Utah! I love the weather here! I love the personal space! I love the grass and trees and most of all... the mountains! Mwah!