Monday, March 14, 2011

Most Exciting thing Since the A/C Got Cleaned

I told the cops that were waiting down in the lobby tonight that they were the most exciting thing to happen to SW since they cleaned out the air conditioner. I guess somebody called 911 instead of 0901 or something to call the UK and the cops showed up in the lobby to check on who dialed 911 and hung up. When I went to leave, they were yelling up at me to let them into suite 200. So we went around the office and looked around to see if somebody needed help. We ended up going into CS and found the culprit. That's when I told the cops how exciting it was for us since the A/C thing. But anyway, I ended up missing my bus from the whole adventure and the cops even offered to give me a ride for helping them. No way. I wasn't interested. The End.